Operating Principles

Operating Principles


Empower People

Empower people, by creating a team based matrix organisation that allows for fast decision making and where occasional mistakes are treated as opportunities for learning.

Invest in Training

Acknowledge people as our greatest asset and invest in their education and development on a continuing basis.


Where swift action will be taken to deal with personnel who obstruct or do not sufficiently contribute to change that is necessary for the ongoing development of your business.

Honest Communication

Open, honest environment where good communication is treated as an essential part of the process and in which everyone has a genuine voice ("The Listening Organization")

Continuous Improvement


Maintain high awareness of the competitive environment and a constant focus on cost reduction and continuous improvement.


Urgency and Speed

Urgency and speed of response is built into all of our processes through the empowerment of people and elimination of bureaucracy.

Accountability Throughout

Where Goals and Objectives are clearly communicated to every level and each person held accountable.

External Awareness

An organization that is in constant touch with developments in technology, the markets, the wider organization and that anticipates and prepares for change rather than being forced to react to it

Fit for Purpose Information

Design transparent plant reports so that managers and people at all levels have the necessary information to effectively manage their areas and be held accountable for them.

Effective Performance Management

Develop an effective Performance Appraisal system so that every employee is given an assessment of their performance, strengths and opportunities, with follow up plans to address those that need improvement.

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