About LCL

Liam Cassidy has amassed over 35 years of experience successfully transforming Manufacturing Plants, improving Supply Chains, and Developing Suppliers. He was the most successful plant manager within Gillette and latterly Procter & Gamble, transforming traditional factories into Lean Benchmark sites, in both high and low cost countries in Europe, USA and Asia. He was awarded a European Union Scholarship in the mid 80’s to study Japanese Production Systems. His work has been acknowledged by major international institutes and journals. He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide

In 2009 he left Gillette/ Proctor & Gamble to establish his own consultancy business. He now supports clients in Europe, Asia and USA

LCL provide rapid turnaround solutions to factories that are concerned about survival. Operating on a Global basis, with an office in Dublin, Ireland.

LCL, (Leading Change through Lean), established in 2009, applies a proven formula that can transform results at your plant faster than any other organization can…irrespective of whether you are in a high or low cost location. In just 3 months your factory will not just begin to look different, but your results will also be rapidly improving